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Not Joanna Eggs is a podcast hosted by two friends, Tracy and Robbie, who love obscure animated movies: cult classics, hidden gems and everything in between. Robbie Twitter: @lobster_writer Tracy Twitter: @tctrauscht
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Feb 14, 2017

Hey everyone!

 Happy Valentine's Day! Today, we're reviewing animator Nina Paley's bittersweet but lushly animated film from 2008, Sita Sings the Blues. It's a retelling of the Indian epic poem, The Ramayana but with a creative twist that deals with relationships, faithfulness and monkey armies. Hope you like it and thank you for listening!

Robbie: @lobster_writer

Tracy: @tctrauscht

Feb 4, 2017

Hey guys!


This week, we're revisiting We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story, a movie Steven Spielberg probably barely remembers, even though he produced it! A barely comprehensible mix of dinosaurs, Wheaties for nerds and super uncomfortable forced romances between children. We had the lovely and incredibly talented Lord Bung on with us and had a great time taking this movie apart. Hope you enjoy it!


Lord Bung: @LordBung

Robbie: @lobster_writer


Dec 25, 2016

A merry jingly day to you all! :D This week, Robbie and I are joined by our friends John and Liz as we review our favorite episodes of the Netflix series Bojack Horseman and drink heavily. Episodes featured include The Telescope, Downer Ending, Best Thing That Ever Happened and That's Too Much, Man. We had so much fun recording this one, hope you guys enjoy it!

NOTE: This episode features major spoilers for seasons 1-3 of Bojack so we highly recommend you check out the series first before listening. The series is absolutely worth your time.


John: @JTAW3

Liz: @lizwerning

Robbie: @lobster_writer

Tracy: @tctrauscht

Dec 22, 2016

Hey guys! Sorry we've been gone so long! We're trying to get back on track, we promise! As you've likely noticed, we're on a new site! We're going to try slowly migrating everything over from the old site to this one, but it'll be slow-going. But enough about that.

This episode we are joined by our friend Tyler from Cynical Cartoons podcast. We talk about the movie "Help! I'm a Fish!", a 2001 Danish-German-Irish animated film. This unusual movie features of the voices of Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman and follows the journey of three children who have been turned into sea creatures. It's a strange movie, but we had a lot of fun with this episode! Enjoy! You can find Tyler at his site,, where he hosts a number of different podcasts which you should check out if you enjoyed his presence in this episode.

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